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An Interview with Kimberly Kane

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An Interview with Kimberly Kane

Porn Star Kimberly Kane sits down to talk about Ballbusting, which as we find out this is her very first time to bust balls ever! Not just on camera but in her entire life!

Kimberly Kane is an “A-List” Porn Star who has had leading roles in spoof porn films such as playing the role of Dana Scully in the X-Files spoof, Dr. Crusher in a Star Trek spoof and more recently she has appeared in a Star Wars spoof and a Breaking Bad spoof!

It’s been said that George Carlin is the “Thinking Man’s Comic”, well after meeting and working with Kimberly Kane, we feel that she is the “Thinking Man’s Porn Star”! This lady has a lot going on upstairs and is chock full of creative ideas, we were very impressed with Kimberly and if you like good interviews, this one is definitely one you will want to watch!

In addition to talking about Ballbusting, Kimberly speaks about big dicks, small penis humiliation, castrations, foot fetish, face sitting, smothering and a whole lot more!

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Duration: 15 min


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