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An Interview with Holly Heart

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An Interview with Holly Heart

Joining the BBFL conversation is Holly Heart our 100th Ballbuster! And the poetic thing about Holly being number 100 is that until this video she had never kicked a man in the balls…. on camera or off! So we are very honored to break her ballbusting cherry!

Holly is an extremely talented porn star actress… she really knows the art of seduction and in upcoming videos you will see exactly what we mean!

This is a lengthy Interview running 29 minutes, it’s packed full of great conversation, stories, torking, fun facts, ballbusting, CBT and castration talk…. this girl loves to verbalize the word “BALLS” you can visually see her getting off on the word when she speaks it aloud!

…and after we learned that she had never kicked a man in the balls, Bryan had to get up and spread his legs, so this is a virgin ballbuster breaking her BB cherry!

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Duration: 29 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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