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An Interview with Goddess Devastation

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An Interview with Goddess Devastation

We finally caught up with Goddess Devastation and got a chance to have what turned into our longest interview ever! This interview is jammed packed with some of the best ballbusting, castration and man beating stories we have ever caught on camera!

This woman is no joke, she tells us about a guy she sent to the hospital and how he had to eat thru a tube after she was done with him, another guy who she kicked so hard in the nuts, he flew up off his feet and into a parked car which caused body damage to the car that she had to pay for!

Goddess Devastation also has castrated more pigs, bulls and horses than any woman we have ever worked with and she gives detailed accounts of her castration experience and one account of a mean stallion that she “fixed” by cutting off his balls, grinding them up and then feeding them to him… which she said made him a much better behaved stallion.

She tells us she gave real serious consideration to castrating her ex-husband and assures us that if she was ever given the chance she would love to cut a mans balls off and even describes how she would go about doing it.

Goddess is kind enough to show us her perfect tits, fine tight ass, feet and muscular legs.

This interview is 26+ minutes and is chocked full of interesting and painful tidbits that are simply to numerous to put down in this description, but needless to say if you’re looking for a buff and powerful Goddess who knows how to destroy testicles, you would be hard pressed to find anyone with more skills, knowledge or passion for ball destruction than Goddess Devastation!

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Duration: 26 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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