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An Interview with Fae Dcay

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An Interview with Fae Dcay

Sensual and fetish oriented Fae Dcay sits down for what turned out to be a very intriguing conversation that zigged and zagged into topics we had never pondered!

This hot young girl is so graceful, yet perplexing at the same time that we forgot the clock as we were so interested in what she would say next. This is an interview we will not soon forget!

Fae has such a strong dental fetish, she gets turned on by going to the dentist and while most people dread going to the dentist, she looks forward to her biannual visits to the dentist; so much in fact she tells us that on several occasions the dentist has freaked out by her sexual reactions to a simple teeth cleaning! This is the kind of stuff that make you say hummm…. more please!

To be very honest, we just can’t find the words to describe this interview, the girl is very articulate, bright, sexual, fetish and open minded, we found her very appealing on many different levels.

If you’re looking for that sexy odd duck, Fae (like her hair) is a duck of a different color, and we say this in all sexual seriousness… what a wonderful arousing creature! Fae is the thinking mans kind of freak…. WOW!

New to ballbusting, Fae is very eager and interested to get into the fetish and bring the sexual, mind and ball numbing pain. We asked her if she were to destroy a mans balls how she would go about it? She ponders the question a bit and says she would use a blunt object like a rock, but even better she would like to cut them out and sprinkle garlic on them to eat.

Fae is also a stripper, but as she tells us, she is the type who likes to sit and talk to her customers… she is very cerebral and loves to communicate!

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Duration: 19 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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