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An Interview with Cerina Duke

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An Interview with Cerina Duke

The highly sexual Cerina Duke joins the BBFL conversation with this long 26 minute interview.

Cerina is a full blooded German who spent quite a few years in Germany, sadly we forgot to ask her to threaten to rupture our balls in German…. dammit.

Cerina tells us a story about having sex in public at a German disco, she is something of an exhibitionist!

Cerina loves to dress up in corsets, and adores the Victorian era. She loves to watch cum shots and see cream pies… and she loves to swallow cum! She is very accommodating and tells us that she will kick our balls as hard as she can and that she is willing to crush a mans balls if he wanted her to crush them.

This is one of those interviews that covers so many topics it’s hard to describe everything in words as Cerina has a lot to say and is very happy to show us her entire body. Cerina has a religious background as well which may play a part into why Cerina was drawn into the Fetish world… she explores this question on camera and is very insightful.

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Duration: 26 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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