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An Interview with Alexis Blaze

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An Interview with Alexis Blaze

Alexis Blaze joins the BBFL conversation and about half way through, she drops the biggest bombshell we have ever had in an interview!

When Alexis was a little girl she was baby sat by Lorene Bobbit! She explains that her mother and Lorene use to be good friends and would sit around talking about castrating men and cutting their dicks off…. which Lorene eventually did in 1993 to her then husband John Bobbit, which resulted in a media frenzy and world wide attention to his severed cock and the woman who cut it off! Needless to say, Alexis has some interesting information about that whole story of dick cutting…. and as a fan of ballbusting, cbt, castration and femdom you just have to see this interview!!!

And as if that was not enough, Alexis has a very colorful history with real life Ballbusting, eating bull testicle soup and her love of pisssing on guys, pegging men and so much more it’s impossible to sum it all up in the written form, you just have to watch her tell all!

Heck, Alexis even bends over and twerks her naked ass and pussy, licks her tits and lets her freak out…… yeah this is what happens to young girls when they grow up listening to women casually talk about cutting a mans junk off!

If you have never seen one of our interviews before, this is a must have!

This girl is Fucking Mind Blowing!

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Duration: 27 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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