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A Followup Interview with Scarlett Devine

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A Followup Interview with Scarlett Devine

Scarlett Devine is one of the original Ballbusters we worked with when first launching our site back in 2011/2012. At that time we conducted an interview with her that you can find HERE. However after nearly five years of working with this tall and extremely smart Goddess we knew we had to do a followup interview to not only review past events, but also to pick her lovely brain 🙂

Scarlett does not disappoint in this followup interview, she is by far the most adept at understanding and articulating the psychology of fetish/sexual desires that we have ever had the fortune to get to know. She’s the kind of woman that knows what you want or need better than you do…. and she can tell you why!

Along with her formidable knowledge of human sexual psychology, Scarlett is tempered with thoughtful ethics and time tested morals that makes her not only a top notch Dominatrix, but also someone who will make you feel very protected. That said…. don’t make her mad, she’s quite capable of fucking you up both physically and mentally!

Further, Scarlett just recently wrote a book titled “Human Furniture and the Quest for the Perfect Woman” you can find it HERE.

This is a fantastic interview with a truly intriguing woman!

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Duration: 35 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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