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A Devastating Competition

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A Devastating Competition

Goddess Devastating lines up her two slaves to see which can endure the most testicle kneeing, kicking and stomping.

Goddess has a novel idea that she will make them compete in rounds of 5, so she begins by delivering a round of 5 knees to their manhood, then the next round is 10, followed by 15….. each slave trying to out last the other so that he will receive Goddess’s reward of 5 running full force kicks!

The competition goes all the way up to 35 kicks! So each slave took a total of 140 knees/kicks/stomps and the winner another 5 full force running kick for a total of 145! This is a no holds bar ballbusting video leaving both slaves with bruised, swollen and battered balls…. and a very happy Goddess!

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Duration: 10 min


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