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366 Days of Ballbusting

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366 Days of Ballbusting

On New Years Eve Willard made a terrible comment about his mother-in-law, he told her that she had so much facial hair that she might as well try to grow a beard. The thing was he wasn’t even drunkk!

Willard’s wife was so upset by his comment that she made a New Years Resolution to kick him in the balls every day for an entire year. And he has to count every kick or she will start all over again!

Her plan is to simply add the month, day and time he comes home from work every day and kick him that many times. Today is January 15th so she adds 1+ 15=16 kicks, plus Willard arrives home at 5:07 PM, but thanks to her mom’s suggestion, she has decided to switch from AM/PM to military time, which makes it 17:07, so she adds 17+7=24 then she adds time to the date 24+16 to arrive at 40… 40 kicks today for Willard!

Just wait until December she tells him!

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