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Time to Stick that Fat Nut

TVKnutstickWelcome back BBFL’ers! This blog is about your fat nut, if you are lucky enough to have one. With increased injury to testicles often a hydrocele will develop. Bryan Balldacious left nut is the one where a hydrocele has developed as a result of all the trauma it has received. So, being the good wife that I am I helped him drain it this evening.

First I start by evaluating the size difference between the two nuts. His right one is a little small leading me to believe we need to up the
busting this year specifically on that nut so we can get it caught up to the left one.

Next, time to get a real firm grip around the nut so that I can stick the needle in. Spray the nut with rubbing alcohol. Now, unlike Bryan’s
needle videos we aren’t trying to puncture the nut just stick the area around the nut so we can get the fluid to start squirting out.

Sanitized, firm grip, needle in, now squeeze the area around the nut to get the fluid to spray out of the needle. I was getting a little
excited taking charge of Bryan’s nut so I decided to have the hydrocele fluid flow onto my fair skinned boobies. I  rubbed it in and got
them covered in it. Note that Bryan’s fluid is a mix of red and yellow due to the last needle clip that caused a lot of trauma. You can find that clip Females Destroying Testicles (3 videos) under Recent Update.

Once the nut is drained, I pull out the needle and punch him square in the balls. That’s my way of saying I love you. I love you Bryan!

Now you maybe asking yourself, does she not care about him loosing his testicles? Glad you asked. I figure at some point we’ll remove them
since I don’t plan to stop punching, stomping, kicking, sticking, and biting.

What’s a good age for a man to loose his testicles? I’m thinking the best timing for Bryan to loose his right testicle is at the age of 45
and his left at 55. I’m sure by that time he won’t even know what to do with his balls and I’m going to need some fresh 20 year old ones to
start working on.

Until next time BBFL’ers!

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