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That which wasn’t, isn’t and will never be

CavewomanCastrationOn the list of things I enjoy thinking about, one is castration. How would I castrate a man? What’s my ultimate castration fantasy? Would it be by sword a testicular slaying, by shoe a brutal thrashing, by knife with repeated stabbing, by burdizzo with shear force, by scalpel with precision, by hammer a sloppy smashing, or by shear animalistic brutality?

Animalistic brutality is 100% my style all though I may decide to pick up a paintbrush and some oils to document my design afterwards. I would call my artwork, “that which wasn’t, isn’t and will never be.”

I have to admit most of my fantasies are pretty 1600th century brutality (barbaric means of destroying testicles without modern-day assistance). I want to be dirty, worn and torn and beating a mans testicles ruthlessly because of a sudden and uncontrollable thrust for blood stemming from my past life built off pure survival instinct. The only way I can quench this thirst for blood is utter and complete destruction. Blood, guts, and mud everywhere, in my hair, in my nails, and all over my body. The taste is forever lingering on my lips.

Now that I’m hot and ready for some balls in my mason jar lets discuss further. I’d like to tackle a man to the ground, wrap my legs around him,  suffocating him with my grip, then holding my machete up against his throat and moving it slowly down his chest to torso and ending at his balls. I’d lightly move the machete up and down his balls and stomach with ever building anticipation of what I’m going to do next. Without hesitation I start sawing through his stretched out scrotal skin till I cut them off completely. Then I apply a tourniquet on his loose ball skin and dick. Pure bliss!

TasteofBloodUntil next time BBFL’ers!

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