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Bust yourself in the Nuts… A Tutorial

SelfBustingWelcome back BBFL nuts!

Today’s blog is about self ball busting. Now, since I have the wonderful fortune of not having balls and only getting to bust them I’ve dawned a strap-on with balls for proper demonstration. Honestly what I enjoy most about self ball busting are the pictures catching those moments of self torture! My most memorable moment was when a guy on Fetlife posted some pictures of self BB’ing with my name Tessa von Kix written clearly on his ball sack. What a compliment!!

Now to get down to the smutty nutty. I decided there are 4 types of self BB’ing that I enjoy seeing most; the pipe smash, ball stapling, hammer grinding, and needles. Your pain is my gain!

Pipe Smash

Simply smashing, all you need are 2, 1 inch PVC pipes and your hands or some rope. Position your tiny coin purse in the middle of the pipes and add pressure. MORE pressure please! Continue to apply pressure and start turning the pipes to the left and right. Now start pushing the pipes away from your body till your nuts are fleshly visible and ready for further torture.

Moving on to Ball Stapling

Click, click, click the sound of a scared little dick. This one is easy. Pull your tots aways from you body and position the staple gun just over the top of them…add some of that pressure, and click. Staple that sack. Even better, try stapling something to your sack like dollar bills or my name in paper cut outs.

Next it’s hammer time!

Go into the garage and get the largest hammer you’ve it NOW! Spread your legs wide on a flat surface and position the hammer just above your trembling patty sack. Now start grinding that hammer into your balls, grind, grind, and grind! Next, start stomping the hammer on your balls with increasing force till your eyes are tearing up because you just can’t handle any more.

Now to end your pain with a little honest stabbing

Get some freshly sanitized needles and simply short and sweet stab your balls. If you haven’t done this before you may need to go slow and take your time so you can learn how to stab just right. If this isn’t your first rodeo then jab those mf’ers in there quickly with force. What does your pin-cushion look like? Send me pictures on my twitter of your miserable tacky sacky.

Happy self busting!

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